What colors suit my eyes? 

Being a makeup artist and addict, I have seen and toyed around with many an eye color in my days... People always ask me what colors suit their eye color and I always cringe a little. Although very true that certain shadow and liner colors look better on some eyes than other, I believe that makeup is one of those things that is preference based. If you have green eyes and you like green shadow...GO FOR IT! Brown eyes and pink shadow? GO FOR IT! But if we break out the color wheel and think about this in a scientific way what works best?

COLORS THAT MAKE BLUE EYES POP: gold, pink, peach, grey  

COLORS THAT MAKE GREEN EYES POP: lavender, plumb, mauve, golds *TIP* Think opposites attract... red based colors will work best

COLORS THAT MAKE BROWN EYES POP: purples, golds, steel blues, pewter, deep greens 

And as always girls... a black liner and black mascara will make any color, shape or sized eye stand out in a crowd!  ~Alyx