Even though most makeup removers claim they can remove waterproof liners, and lashes, THEY CANT!!! 

Lets face it, all of us have had those days where we try to scrub off our waterproof makeup, end up with irritated eyes, and your still wearing makeup!!! 

Dnt stress out. You already have an amazing makeup remover!!!  And its in your KITCHEN!!! WTF?! yeah ... I'm crazy, but I know what I'm talking about.

Olive oil. 

Simple as that. Put a little on a cotton ball and your all set. helps condition lashes as well. My face is sensitive, so I have some trouble with removers. This is by far the strongest at removing eye makeup and so gentle.

Olive Oil is just amazing! You can do soooomany things with it.
- After Wax/Shave
- Eye Make-up Remover
- Cooking 
- Hair
- Body 

But beware, it's important that you buy COLD PRESS EXTRA Virgin Oil.