I love when my nails are done at a salon with acrylics because the nail polish NEVER chips off. When doing them at my house on the other hand, it seems to never stay one without chipping, even for a day. So what are some tips and tricks I learned to help the polish last longer on your nails?!

    1. Make sure your nail bed is completely clean of oils by rubbing them with some nail polish remover before doing anything.

    2. Apply a base coat that will prevent the polish from staining your nails and give the polish something to grip onto.

    3. When applying the polish do it in THIN layers as opposed to thick layers. Thick layers tend to peel off easier and quicker.

    4. If you have longer nails, make sure when getting to the tip of your nail to bring the color under the nail a bit, this prevents easy chipping.

    5. Apply a top clear coat and reapply every other day to keep that protective barrier! (I like Seche Vite's top coat)

    6. Once the polish is dry stick your fingers in ice water to solidify the polish and apply lotion to give your nails a slippery feel which can help the staying power of your polish!

    Hopefully now, painting your nails won't be such a hassle and won't have to be redone more than you'd like to do them!