I believe this may have happened to every girl that owns lipstick. In the summer, with hot heat and humidity, you go to apply your favorite lipstick and it's semi melted or you push to hard and it just cracks. It's such a bummer to have this happen especially if it's a pricey lipstick! Well don't stress about that anymore!! Here is a simple quick fix so you don't have to go buy a new tube!

    1. Scoop out your broken lipstick & place it inside a clean empty screw top jar.

2. Microwave it  for few minutes. Time depends on the amount of the lipstick.

3. Don’t forget to put label on each jar or place the actual labels of the lipstick and stick it on the bottom.

    So simple and a money saver! Also you won't ever have to worry about the cap coming off your lipstick and making a mess in your bag. I recommend using clear jars so you can see the color easier!

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