Thanks to Renee B., she sent us this useful tip for dry and/or cracked heels and elbows!  You have some Crisco sitting around in your cabinets?! Put it to good use! At night time rub some Crisco on your feet and massage into your heels and throw on a old pair of socks and over night this will help soften the skin and moisturize it!
    Not only does this really do the job, but it's easier on your wallet as well compared to all those expensive creams in the market out there! Give it a try and comment here letting us know what you think!
2/1/2012 01:50:55 pm

Ugh. I hate cracked skin. Thanks for sharing. This is going to have to go in my beauty tips binder.. =)

Alisha Kostiuk
2/1/2012 02:40:06 pm

I love this idea but have to admit I love cooking with it to lol

2/1/2012 08:14:59 pm

what a great idea! ha ha, I would have never thought of that!

2/1/2012 09:23:17 pm

Thank you for such a great tip! Not something I'd have thought of on my own. :)

2/1/2012 09:55:31 pm

Very nice tip. Thank you! I did not know that :)

2/2/2012 08:03:31 am

Thanks! Totally didn't know that tip! :)

2/2/2012 11:41:02 am

Great tip. I use crisco often for my cracked heals in plastic bags with socks over night.

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7/12/2012 12:50:43 pm

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