Do you notice if you go one day without washing your hair it starts to look greasy so quickly?! Here's a tip to help on those days your running late or just don't have time to wash and style your hair!
    Take a BIG fluffy makeup brush and dip it into a pot of loose powder (or baby powder). Tap it on the back of your hand to get off excess powder and then dust it over your greasy roots and wait a minute. then just blend it into your hair.
    The powder will absorb the oil that makes your hair greasy! Just don't use this method all the time shampooing and conditioning is needed in between, lol  :-P
9/17/2011 01:04:43 pm

This is a really good tip & I've used it before. Definitely a fast fix that helps to make your hair at least do-able for the day! I think Suave & TRESemme has an affordable 2nd day hair products. I use the TRESemme FreshStart Refreshing Mist for all hair types & I like it as a 2nd day boost to my hair when I don't actually wash my hair. It neutralizes odors and has a citrus scent. I haven't tried Suave but I just won a coupon for a free Suave product :) I'll have to try out their products on 2nd day hair too :) thanks for the great posts!

9/17/2011 04:24:17 pm


Thanks for the comment! I have used both TRESemme and Suave Professionals! They both work good but I actually like the Suave one better! The TRESemme bottle kept getting stuck and wouldn't spray. The suave one gives great volume too! :)


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