Quick Tips for Summer Skin Care
Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, Kelley West Gives Us Her Best Summer Skin Care Secrets.  
See What This Licensed Medical Aesthetician & TV Personality Has In Her Beach Bag! 

is the most important skincare essential!  Remember… the SPF is somewhat irrelevant because no sunscreen is effective for more than three to four hours.  Therefore, it is mandatory that you reapply.  Also try to wait 15-20 minutes after applying before going into the sun as it takes most sunscreens that long to penetrate.

For the face, my favorite sunscreen is Epione's Tinted Sun Block with SPF 40.  It's a splurge because it's $40 for a 1.7oz bottle so only use it on the face unless you can afford to buy several bottles at once and do the whole body.   It has a silicone base so it won't absorb into the skin, making it ideal for patients with skin allergies or sensitive skin.

For a more affordable option, I like Aveeno's Smart Essentials.  It doesn't irritate my face, has an SPF of 30 and a pleasant scent.  It goes on light and doesn't leave the typical SPF white residue or film.  It's a steal at around $12.  I'm a huge Aveeno fan and the other sunscreen I like for the body is the Aveeno’s Continuous Protection Sun Block Lotion for around $9 a bottle.  I love the way it goes on, it's waterproof which it great but don't let the name fool you, you still have to reapply every three to four hours or more often if you are going in the water.  

When applying sun block…Make sure you apply it all the way to the hairline when doing your face.  This will help protect you when driving because the sides of our faces get direct sun exposure the whole time we are behind the wheel.

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