We all know that the cold frigid weather can take a toll on our skin and hair. With all or most of the moisture taken out of the air when it gets really cold out, our hair sometimes starts drying out and that causes breakage and split ends. Sure you can do intense hair masks to help restore your locks, but here is another way to help get that moisture back into your hair...
     Yes! That is a humidifier! These bad boys pump lots of moisture into the air. Put it on before going to bed and your hair will surely thank you! It also helps relieve dry scalps. Along with that, get a trim every 6-8 weeks and try not to use so much heat. I recommend  a nice hydrating shampoo like Pureology Hydrate shampoo! 

11/20/2012 12:17:48 am

I've noticed that it's been a really dry fall here in my area of Texas this year and I wake up feeling dehydrated and my hair is so frizzy. I will have to give the humidifier a try.

11/20/2012 12:24:05 am

I think I need this

11/20/2012 01:53:40 am

I have a humidifier, but I never thought about using it for my hair. thanks!

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