Now I'm sure you all know or have seen all those oil treatments and bottles of oil specifically for your hair to help with split ends or make your hair glisten and shine. Ya they work...but also can be expensive!
    Here is a little quick inexpensive way to get the same effect while at home! Yo only need some olive oil and a shower cap!
    What you want to do is generously saturate the ENDS of your hair with olive oil and set a timer for about 10 minutes. Then put on that stylish shower cap of yours and jump in a hot shower and the steam will help open up your hair follicles and absorb that oil better for a deep conditioning and add shine to your hair!
Krystal Wilder
12/18/2011 08:19:34 pm

I started doing this about a week ago, and you can tell a DRASTIC difference in my hair. I have frizzy, DRY, coarse hair. It is now soft an a TON less frizzy. LOVE it. BUT I just rub it into my ends and shave my legs soap my body, I dont use the shower cap, and it only stays on my hair for about 5-7 mins, SO I may use a shower cap next time and see if I can get even better results!!! Thanks!

12/9/2014 08:12:24 pm

It is when we start to lose more hair than we are growing that the loss becomes a problem.


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