Winter Smokey Eye Tutorial
First apply a primer. We used Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

     We all know that the cold frigid weather can take a toll on our skin and hair. With all or most of the moisture taken out of the air when it gets really cold out, our hair sometimes starts drying out and that causes breakage and split ends. Sure you can do intense hair masks to help restore your locks, but here is another way to help get that moisture back into your hair...
     Yes! That is a humidifier! These bad boys pump lots of moisture into the air. Put it on before going to bed and your hair will surely thank you! It also helps relieve dry scalps. Along with that, get a trim every 6-8 weeks and try not to use so much heat. I recommend  a nice hydrating shampoo like Pureology Hydrate shampoo! 

     I alwayyys have static cling type hair in the winter and colder months from all the cold air and hats! I always just dealt with it until now! I no longer will just deal with it when there are such simple solutions that can fix it! I came across this post on Cosmopolitian.com!
     Static happens when your hair picks up an electrical charge from the dry air, explains Kingsley. "It's common in the chillier months because the air is less moist everywhere," he adds. Fight it by switching to a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, then use a tourmaline or ionic hair dryer—they don't suck out moisture like regular dryers can, says NYC hairstylist Orlando Pita. If your static persists, try out one of the solutions below, matched to your specific hair texture:

Fine/Straight Hair: Rub an antifrizz cream (like Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Anti-Frizz Creme, $4.29, drugstore.com) on just the tips of your hair to avoid greasy buildup. Carry a dryer sheet for touchups during the day.

Medium/Wavy Hair: Your hair is thick, so it can handle a rich conditioning spray to lock in moisture and beat static. Apply it on damp hair before you blow-dry. Try L'Oréal EverCreme Nourishing Leave-In Spray, $8.99, ulta.com.

Full/Curly Hair: Coarse hair needs a heavier leave-in or overnight cream, like Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue, $38, sephora.com, to knock out static. Just be sure to avoid alcohol-based gels, which can dry out curls.

Quick Tips for Summer Skin Care
Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, Kelley West Gives Us Her Best Summer Skin Care Secrets.  
See What This Licensed Medical Aesthetician & TV Personality Has In Her Beach Bag! 

is the most important skincare essential!  Remember… the SPF is somewhat irrelevant because no sunscreen is effective for more than three to four hours.  Therefore, it is mandatory that you reapply.  Also try to wait 15-20 minutes after applying before going into the sun as it takes most sunscreens that long to penetrate.

For the face, my favorite sunscreen is Epione's Tinted Sun Block with SPF 40.  It's a splurge because it's $40 for a 1.7oz bottle so only use it on the face unless you can afford to buy several bottles at once and do the whole body.   It has a silicone base so it won't absorb into the skin, making it ideal for patients with skin allergies or sensitive skin.

For a more affordable option, I like Aveeno's Smart Essentials.  It doesn't irritate my face, has an SPF of 30 and a pleasant scent.  It goes on light and doesn't leave the typical SPF white residue or film.  It's a steal at around $12.  I'm a huge Aveeno fan and the other sunscreen I like for the body is the Aveeno’s Continuous Protection Sun Block Lotion for around $9 a bottle.  I love the way it goes on, it's waterproof which it great but don't let the name fool you, you still have to reapply every three to four hours or more often if you are going in the water.  

When applying sun block…Make sure you apply it all the way to the hairline when doing your face.  This will help protect you when driving because the sides of our faces get direct sun exposure the whole time we are behind the wheel.

Image from Cook'n
What you'll need:

1 cup purified water 
1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 tablespoons sea salt 
3 tablespoons hair spray   
     Place the purified water and coconut oil in a heatproof container, such as a pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. The coconut oil should be completely melted. Now add the sea salt and hair spray. Stir a bit and place in a spray bottle. Once in the spray bottle agitate and you’re ready to use. Spray your hair and scrunch with your hands. Try to avoid your skin as much as possible as this can sting your skin a bit.

TADA!!! Don't spend $15+ on a beach spray at the store when you can make your own!!

*Recipe from "Beauty From Scratch"

    Okay, I'm not sure this is a "tip or trick" but to me it's a trick and interesting so I want to share!  As you can tell, I'm going to tell you about permanent makeup!! Now, at first it sounds bizarre but after learning about it it's very intriguing, especially for someone who just doesn't have the time or hates applying makeup every single day they wake up!

"For older women where the hand becomes less steady and maybe eyesight less sharp, applying make up can become a challenge. At the hands of our master permanent
makeup artist, you never have to worry about makeup again."

    This particular company does eyebrows, eyeliner, lip makeup, breast & scar correction. You can click the link above to see some before and after pictures. Out of them all, I think the eyebrows look best. The eyeliner makeup isn't quite how I would put mine, but I'm sure they could customize it to your style. Before every application a detailed consultation is performed with Kimberly Crook, Owner and Master Makeup Artist. Glow Day Spa offers the best permanent makeup prices in Toronto & Barrie.
    For me, personally, I think I'd be to nervous to do something like this and also just because I like to change my look every so often. But for someone with an unsteady hand or lack of time every morning, this could be an interest to them. Would you ever consider getting permanent makeup?!

    Gel eyeliner can be very simple to use if it's good quality and new. But we know over time it can dry up a bit or just be a thicker gel and harder to use with a brush. Here's a quick trick to make it more manageable and apply smoother.
    Warm it up! Take a blow dryer to it, on very low settings and lightly pass over it a couple times to soften up the gel. This will ensure easy application and a perfect look every time!
     Don't like the tingling feeling that lip plumpers can give you when applied? Then I have a little trick I learned that can help you achieve that fuller lip without all the fancy products. Here is what you need to do!

Pick a lip-gloss that’s a touch darker than the color that you desire and find a lipstick that’s slightly darker than that, as well as a lipstick that’s slightly lighter. With a lip lining brush, these four tools are all you need for this look.

  1. Start by moisturizing your lips with a simple lip balm to help your lipstick glide on smoothly.
  2. Use your brush to line your lips using the darkest lipstick.
  3. Fill in the inner spaces of your lips with the lightest lipstick. At this point your lips might look color-blocked.
  4. Add a top layer of gloss to blend the shades of lipstick into a complete, harmonious look.

That's it!


     I love freckles! I have always adored them! But what do you do when it comes to makeup? What if you need to use concealer? Well, for concealer you should be picking up a more yellow-toned color that is around your shade color, preferably a shade lighter than your skin tone.
    What about foundation? If you think about it, using a full coverage or thicker foundation when you have a ton of freckles could look a bit odd since your face would be clear of freckles but your neck and everywhere else would have a bunch of them. So I suggest using a tinted moisturizer or use your regular foundation and add some face moisturizer to it to sheer it out a little bit so that your freckles poke through looking more natural!
     Blush?  Use a softer lighter color for blush. Give yourself a lightly pinched cheek look and avoid pinks!

                    Freckles are beautiful, show them off,
                            don't try to cover them up!
Cold Sore. Fever Blister. Herpes.
In the US, about 50% to 80% of the adult population has suffered from some version of a cold sore 
Those dreaded first signs... 
 red, swollen area near your mouth 
 skin will feel tight and tingly
 blisters start appearing

What do blisters look like?
small liquid-filled lesions that break and turn into unsightly scabs.

I have herpes?
Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus.

How did i catch it?
Since it is caused by a virus you have to have caught it from somebody. Most people catch the virus in their childhood, often from an infected adult. 

Why does it keep happening?
The virus lats dormant in your body forever. It will never go away.

What is triggering it?
A large number of things could be triggering your outbreaks. Excessive stress, fatigue, weather conditions, food allergies, dental work, excessive sun exposure, the flu or even a common cold. 

What will help prevent?
Daily consumption of vitamin C as well as Lysine will pump up your immune system. 

Make it go away!!!
Although there is currently no cure for cold sores, there are many things you can do to shorten their duration.

If you get severe cold sores you may want to consider seeing a dermatologist. Dermatologists can inject your cold sore with Cortisone. Cortisone is a steroid injection. 

The injection is inserted into the core of the cold sore outbreak and sterilizes the virus at the root .It is painful, and will leave the injection site swollen for many hours. Its best to take the day off of work. 

Because Cortisone is so powerful, most of the time, your cold sore will be gone by the end of the day. Of course, because of its power, and requirements to see a doctor, Cortisone is one of the more costly methods. 

Abreva, also known as docosanol, is a topical cream, applied up to five times a day for up to ten days. 

Reading this before March 13th 2012?
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Tea Tree Oil (Alyx's Top Treatment)
Tea tree oil is medically proven to be a naturally powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.

 For treating cold sores, your going to want the purest/strongest you can get your hands on. I use 100%, but anything above 40% will do the trick.

Tea tree oil can reduce cold sores painful healing time by nearly 50%. Apply a few drops of  tea tree oil directly to the break out area with cotton swabs several times a day. This spot treatment will dry out and shrink the coldsores over time, often within a few hours of application. The quicker the cold sore is spotted, the more effective Tea Tree Oil becomes.

When all else fails...
Relax, drink plenty of clear liquids and rest.

Makeup? Or red spot?
That is always a tough decision. Unless your going somewhere where you need to look flawless, or your very very very very self conscious,I would say ... no makeup. 

You're going to wan to be using treatments as often as possible, which makeup would interfere with. 

If you absolutely must wear concealer of lipstick... DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY FROM THE PACKAGING!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY FROM THE PACKAGING! Scrape off some of your product onto a mixing palette (paper plate if you dont have one) use qtips to dab or tab on your product very gently but DO NOT DOUBLE DIP YOUR QTIP into your palette. Use a million qtips. (sorry planet... but we dont want our coldsores to spread)